What is “Project i Am You”

Project i Am You* is an online magazine consisting primarily of user-generated content with a focus on featuring artists, activist and social entrepreneurs on their journey towards actualization. Think of This American Life podcast meets Startup podcast plus Facebook. We’re a social lubricator that endeavors to bring the lofty to the common. Every action, every intention and internal drama plays a crucial part in the unfolding of human consciousness. It is yet another aspect of the grand unfolding drama of the universe.

Why Art, Activism and Social Entrepreneurs?

Artist are the sensitive souls that often feel and sense our reality more intensely than others and express it in engaging and relatable ways. Activists tend to raise awareness on a much more poignant scale while adding a sense of urgency. And, of course, the social entrepreneurs are the ones that present sustainable solutions that meet demands to which artists and activists are raising awareness. It’s starting to make more sense now, huh.

Even though we consider everyone to be a potential micro-activist, we tend to feature activist who have identified the root of an issue or is sniffing it out, rather than those who are focused on the symptoms. For example, although finding a cure for cancer is a very popular charitable cause and is already getting a lot of media attention, we are more interested in those who are looking at the causes of cancer and prevention.

Every journey starts by knowing where it is that you want to go. Please take  a moment to consider and answer the below questions. We’re currently preparing for beta launch of the social media site which is scheduled for February 2016. In the meantime, please post your response in the comments section and we’ll be in touch.

I know it might feel a little weird putting your personal, most intimate feelings which you haven’t yet clearly define out there into the blogosphere but trust me, it’s worth it. It might inspire someone else to get to know their self on a more intimate level as well… So, you see, this lil assignment serves two purposes.

The Vision

This assignment will serve as a skeleton for the collaborative art aspect of this site. We are developing a YouTube mini-series and online magazine that consists of user-generated content. The purpose of this magazine is to showcase the changing world and those who are changing, AS IT IS HAPPENING. We’re documenting the journey because that’s what’s up! Dust off your inner voice but don’t focus on polishing it up. Get candid with it.

Selfie culture is on fleek. For the most part, we’re not asking you do anything outside of what you’re already doing. All of those SnapChats, Vines, Instagram posts and Facebook updates… yeah keep doing all of that. If you’re social media posts are the strings to your life then PIAY functions as the needle that threads them all together into a story like a beautiful t-shirt. Nah, better yet, a tapestry. A family heirloom! A freaking masterpiece!… Okay, okay I’ll chill. But seriously though!

Define your life

Do you feel that? The traumatic flashback of your high school or college English professor distributing a 10 page writing assignment that you loathed? Yeah, this isn’t that. You want to dive into this project with that song “Express Yourself” turned up on full blast because this time it’s all about YOU! This is the first step in the manifestation process so clearly define who you are and what you want. Go ahead, get into it. Use you “feeling words” and adjectives to describe your intention as colorfully as possible. This is your gift request from the universe. We want to make sure we’re as specific as possible while leaving enough room for the universe to do its thing in that magical vibratory kitchen behind the veil of human consciousness. Consider me just the mailman that helps make sure your message is received.

Sign Up to become a creator.

  1. What’s your name, location and what do you currently do for a living?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. Tell us about some sort of change you want to see in the world by the time your actual  or hypothetical children are your present age.
  4. What are you doing to be the change you want to see in the world?