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My Life Post-Meditation

The Stranger Next Door
It took me six years to find an 11 consecutive days that I could take off to do a Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

I’m 26 years old and heard about the Vipassana from a friend in my senior year of college. I was really excited about it then but I was working two jobs and, at the time, I didn’t believe in taking vacations. I had been working nonstop up until about six months ago when I resigned from my position at a top-tier radio station in Manhattan and decided to take my life in a new direction.

I was a focused, dedicated, smart, compassionate, virtuous, moral, creative young adult who happened to have found myself in a number of miserable sales role for the last six years of my life. A meditation retreat seemed to be the perfect way to solidify my creative ambitions and gain some clarity.

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Fibonacci Cosmos

Walking through the forest
Time slowed down
Concentrated in between the fibers of wood and sinew
Today I saw the universe riding on the back of snail
Galloping wildly like a Native American riding fury of the great American untamed into freedom
and I was humbled walking through the enormous cathedral staring back at myself looking up with wonder into the great space between now and timelessness

Cosmos_1"They say the universe exploded out of one infinitesimally small point into all that exist today. Fast forward from that point of creation and here we all are- laughing and dancing and getting into family quarrels with each other. We are laughing, dancing, quarreling stardust all trying to find our own little place in this great, big, small, small space that we were never disconnected from in the first place... It feels so good when we remember that we were never alone the begin with..." - Vegter Animus