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Long Live the Interracial Friendship

This one simple suggestion will help lead to successful interracial relationships on all levels. Be Open Minded black-guy-only-one-touch-hair
Stop walking on egg shells and say the first socially-insensitive thing that comes to mind. I’m not suggesting you should be flat out racist. I’m just saying speak freely but don’t be all high-and-mighty when your friends try to correct you if and when something triggers a reaction.

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My Life Post-Meditation

The Stranger Next Door
It took me six years to find an 11 consecutive days that I could take off to do a Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

I’m 26 years old and heard about the Vipassana from a friend in my senior year of college. I was really excited about it then but I was working two jobs and, at the time, I didn’t believe in taking vacations. I had been working nonstop up until about six months ago when I resigned from my position at a top-tier radio station in Manhattan and decided to take my life in a new direction.

I was a focused, dedicated, smart, compassionate, virtuous, moral, creative young adult who happened to have found myself in a number of miserable sales role for the last six years of my life. A meditation retreat seemed to be the perfect way to solidify my creative ambitions and gain some clarity.