Accessing Your Potential: Serpent Energy

Interesting doors become available when writers interweave timeless symbols with the intriguing stories. Some of my favorite examples of this are The Matrix, Inception and Hunger Games. These books and movies were so well disguised that much of the audience remained oblivious to the intentions of the author.

kundalini spine.jpgThis style of writing has inspired me to write my science fiction books. When I write, I really seek to dig deep and be in touch with the flowing stream of inspiration where the words pour onto the screen in such a fashion that their design cannot even been autographed as my own creation.

dragon croonerOne of the symbols that has really intrigued me over the last year is the symbol of the serpent and the dragon. These times symbols have appeared time and again in the most ancient of human civilizations. They often represent that dualistic nature of reality that seemingly competes for dominance within humans. Popular culture often skews their representation of these of the symbols with over-emphasis on their dark nature. But this portrayal is only partially true.

Quetzalcoatl_tellerianoThe serpent, of course, has played a major role in Western culture in the form of evil as seen in popular Christian doctrine. Gnostic Christians, however, recognize the serpents actual meaning from the context of the times and the nature of the metaphors that surround their stories. The serpent is seen early on in the Christian Bible. From the third chapter of the book of Genesis, the serpent enters the stage. The symbol of the serpent also appears in Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Mayan and many Eastern spiritual systems that center around yoga of chi. The common thread amongst all of these mythologies is the serpent’s relationship with human awareness and divinity. The dragon, similarly, represents the human possibilities. The Mayan depicted this as the god Quetzalcoatl, a winged serpent that, if not managed properly, would devour man.

The below video highlights the symbol of the winged serpent in various cultures throughout world history.

hunger-games-mockingjay-poster-trailerOne of the archetypes that has been making a resurgence in Western culture is the image of the divine feminine as depicted in the image of the Hunger Games. A movie such as this, mass marketed as it was, is often overlooked for the strong symbolize that the author imbued within the storyline.

Now, if we looked at these stories in layman’s terms, from the perspective of the good, the bad and the ugly, we can appreciate the symbols with a sense of wonder and amazement as it strings together what is arguably the earliest systems for the art of living pre-dating psychology. I really explore the depths of this relationship in a science-fiction, adventure, fantasy book that I am channeling that features dragons in the heart of modern day New York City. Stay tuned for updates.