Belief vs Gnosis

I was reading a really interesting article on Hipmonkey’s blog about the  the reality of Jesus’ existence (or non-existence as he asserts) is not as important as the value that believers place on him. Check out his original post and see my response below. Let me know what you think.

I totally agree that orthodox religion promotes a helplessness among their followers that seems to undermine the very teachings of the Jesus-figure that they are supposed to be centered around.

However, I am not convinced that Jesus totally did not exist. With the hybridization of Christianity (or the teachings of Jesus as they are credited towards by orthodox religions powers) at the Council of Nicea, it seems to me that much of “Jesus’” teachings were reduced to the bare bones and the context in which they were spoken has been withdrawn. The Egyptian god references, for me at least, don’t seem to support your theory that Jesus is made up but speak more towards the fact that the origins of modern Christianity is tangled in a confused lineage, most of which has roots in spiritual truths from “pagan” practices and cultures. I’ve heard a lot of talk about where Jesus traveled during the “missing years” (ages 13-30) and some have suggested that he traveled to the East and to Egypt.

I do agree with you on the point that the religion has been so far from the truth that the masses of its followers are oblivious to the real meaning to spirituality and their potential as spiritual beings.

You state that “The fictitious character of “Jesus” was invented from spiritual CONCEPTS originating in the Far East, such as spiritual alchemy, the kundalini energy, Buddhism, Krishna, and what is known as the “vril” “chi” “life-force” and Astrotheology STORIES from the Old Testament.”

So here are my questions: 1) is it impossible to think that someone from the region where Jesus was said to be born could have achieved the spiritual evolution that is part of the goal of Eastern spiritual paths?
2) Do you also think that Buddha is a myth regarding the spiritual evolution of the people of that region?
3) Do you think about discussions on Jesus’ formative years and the so-called gospel of Saint Mark are distractions considering you think Jesus is made-up?

At the end of the day, the question of whether Jesus existed seems to more of a distraction than a revelation because most people will opt on arguing Jesus’ authenticity rather gleaning the real wisdom that you have put out there concerning truth and spiritual liberation. I say this all in positive spirits, brotha. I truly enjoyed your post. Thank you for this thought-provoking information!



Yup, I’m going there again. Always my most unpopular posts are about the Jesus myth. This says more about the masses than this little post could ever say. I’m not politically correct and do not care if I hurt someone’s feelings. Feelings are the problem. OK, I believe that the mythical Jesus Christ being changed to an historical person was a deliberate Roman political invention to be used as a diversion and/or distraction that keeps humanity from true spirituality, and from working on and evolving our own souls. The fictitious character of “Jesus” was invented from spiritual CONCEPTS originating in the Far East, such as spiritual alchemy, the kundalini energy, Buddhism, Krishna, and what is known as the “vril” “chi” “life-force” and Astrotheology STORIES from the Old Testament. Judaism was very astrological. This bit about the exoteric story hiding the esoteric from the ”profane” is a bit of nonsense. It wasn’t until the…

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