Quote from “The Art of Happiness”

“You know, one thing that I think is crucial to keep in mind when talking about human values, compassion, and so on, is that these are not simply religious subjects. Compassion isn’t something sacred, nor are anger and hatred considered to be profane just from a religious perspective. These things are important not because some religious text says so, but because our very happiness depends on them. These states of mind- compassion, human affections– have clear benefits to our physical health, our mental and emotional health, all of our relationships at work or at home, and are even critical for the ultimate benefit of society. They are for our own benefit. When we cultivate compassion, the primary beneficiary is really ourselves. After all, humans are social animals, we are built to work cooperatively with others for our survival. No matter how powerful a single person may be , without other human companions, that individual person cannot survive. And certainly, without friends he or she cannot lead a happy and fulfilling life. So, at work, if you have a warm heart, human affection , your mind will be calmer and more peaceful, which will give you a certain strength and also allow your mental faculties to fucntion better, your judgment and decision-making abilities and so on. I think on a basic level we are all human beings. We all have the capacity to relate to one another with warmth, with affection, with friendship. So, if we are discussing happiness and satisfaction at work, like in all human activities, the human factor- how we relate to those around us, our co-workers, our customers, our boss- is of prime importance. And I think if we make a special effort to cultivate good relationships with people at work, get to know the other people, and bring our basic good human qualities to the workplace, that can make a tremendous difference. Then, whatever kind of work we do, it can be a source of satisfaction. Then you look forward to going to work, and you are happier there. You think, Oh, I’m going to work to see my friends today! And this is something that you can do yourself to improve your experience at work.”

– The Dalai Lama (pg 38 from The Art of Happiness At Work)

This quote embodies the spirit with which I am going forward in structuring plans for “Project i Am You”. Although the Dalai Lama focuses specifically on work in this quote, the overall message from the book The Art of Happiness At Work can really be applied to all aspects of life. More details on “Project i Am You” to come soon 🙂

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